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To participate in our online auctions, sign up to become a registered Bidder. The registration process provides us with the necessary information to assign you a Bidder Number. Your bidder number serves as your username to login, manage your Bidder Profile, and place Bids. Your bidder number will be yours for every online auction on our website. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the website and Auction Ohio Terms and Conditions prior to bidding.

browsing & searching

Whether you want to browse every auction, search for something specific, or anything in between, our website has a great way for you to find the perfect Lot/Item. Below are the many ways you can use to find what you are looking for - just choose whichever option sounds right for you to get started!

  • To view all of the auctions we have to offer, simply click the Auctions tab at the top of the page. This will show you all of our current auctions, sorted by date. You will notice each auction is assigned its own unique Auction Number. Knowing the auction number and the Lot Number will help you identify and reference the items in which you are interested.
  • To search for a specific auction, place your curser over the "Browse By" icon to the right of the Zipperbuy logo at the top of the page. From here, you can click Today's Auctions to view every auction that ends today. Click Current Auctions to see every auction that is currently open for bidding. Click Affiliate to see all auctions by a specific auction company. You can also click on the Auction Map to select auctions by location.
  • To search for a specific type of item, you can browse any of our 33 Item Categories . You can view all these categories by placing your cursor over the "Browse By" icon and clicking View All Categories at the bottom of the window that appears. "Featured Categories" are listed on the right side of the homepage and in the "Browse By" dropdown.
  • To find a specific item, merely search for it in the yellow-outlined Keyword Search box. For your convenience, this box can be found at the top of the every page on the website.

Once you have performed a search, you can always change what you are looking for by using the "Refine" toolbar. This toolbar allows you to narrow your search to find exactly what you want.


Auction previews afford you the opportunity to see our online auction items in person. Previews occur at the discretion of the auction manager, and will not be available for every sale; dates and times will vary. Refer to the auction details section of an auction for preview information. If you have any questions or concerns about items in an auction, please contact the auction manager.

bidder dashboard

Your Bidder Dashboard is the command center for all of your online auction activity. At your bidder dashboard, you are able to view upcoming auctions with items in your category interests, review and manage all of your bids, and manage your past and present invoices. You can also view a calendar of auctions, manage your personal profile, view notifications, manage your watchlist, and much more. Explore your dashboard to experience all the great functions it has to offer.


To place a bid, login with your email or bidder number and password and find the lot you would like to bid on. To bid a specific amount, enter that amount into the “Next Required Bid” box. Please note that the amount you bid must match or exceed the next required bid amount. To ensure you haven’t made a mistake or typo, a window will pop up asking you to confirm your bid. Once your bid is confirmed, the bid will be placed and an affirmation window will appear, informing you of the new status of the item. The bidder number of the current winning bidder will instantly appear beneath the Current Bid. You can click on the number of bids placed on an item to view the Bid History. All of your personal bidding history can be found in the My Bids section of your bidder dashboard.

Submit a Max Bid to set the maximum price that you are willing to spend on that item. The system will then bid on your behalf, according to the standard Bid Increments, up to the amount of your max bid. Max bids are not disclosed and will not be visible to any other bidders. The system will only bid for you if another bidder places a bid, and it will only bid one additional bid increment. You can also increase your max bid amount without affecting the current price of the item.

Bidding Features

1. Real-Time Bidding updates your browser screen automatically in real time. Frequently refreshing and reloading the page is unnecessary.
2. Staggered Closing allows only a few items to end each minute, setting the pace of the auction. The online auction closes in the interval stated in the Auction Details.
3. Auto-Extend allows everyone a fair chance to bid. The Ending Time will then be automatically extended by adding an additional 5 minutes to the remaining time when a bid comes in within 5 minutes of a lot ending. Lots will continue to extend in this way until the bidding activity has stopped.No item will end within 5 minutes of a bid being placed on it. This feature and the staggered closing feature work together to emulate the excitement of a live auction.
4. Watchlists allows you to conveniently keep an eye on your items of interest without having to place a bid. You may add lots or entire auctions to your watchlist by clicking the watchlist button. Set a Watchlist Reminder to help you remember when items and auctions are ending.
5. Buy It Now option allows a bidder to purchase an item outright at a price set by the seller without participating in the auction. This feature is not available on lots.

The Bidding Contract

When placing a bid, you are entering into a binding contract with Zipperbuy. We realize that mistakes may occur. If you realize that you have made a mistake while bidding, please contact Customer Service immediately at 614-846-3300. Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel bids for Closed Auctions.

Bid Notifications

If you are Outbid on an item, our system can automatically send an Outbid Notification to you via email and/or text, according to your preferences. This notification contains a link that takes you to the item so that you can increase your bid if you so choose.

When you are the Winning Bidder , an automated Purchase Notification will be sent to your email shortly after the auction ends. The purchase notification contains the auction details, which will be necessary for the Auction Pick-up.

Checkout & Payment

When you are the winning bidder in an auction, your invoice will appear in your bidder profile as soon as the entire auction has closed. This invoice will reflect your winning bid(s), the buyer’s premium, and sales tax (if applicable). To access your invoice, simply go to your Dashboard, click on the My Invoices button, and click “View” or “Checkout”. On the Online Checkout screens, you will find a summary of your purchases, as well as your options to retrieve and pay for your items.

Pick-up at Auction Location
Choose this option if you are going to the scheduled auction pick-up to retrieve your items. You then have the option to pay online via credit card through the Online Checkout. Your paid invoices can always be found in your bidder profile for future reference.

Ship Item(s)
This option allows you to have your items shipped to your desired location. You will pay for the item(s) online via credit card, after which you will receive a call from the Auction Manager or our third party pack and ship company within the next 48 hours with your Shipping and Handling total. Once the shipping is paid, your item(s) will arrive at your doorstep. Note that not all items are available to be shipped; a lot's specific shipping availability can be found in the Lot Details.

Transfer Item(s)
This option allows you to retrieve your items at an alternative pick-up, which will be at a different time and usually a different location from the original pick-up. A transfer fee will be applied to your items if you choose this option; a lot’s specific transfer fee can be found in the lot details. The transfer option will not be available for all auctions.

Donate/Forfeit Item(s)
Use this option to pay for your item(s) and opt out of claiming them. You would only choose this option if you are unable or unwilling to pick up your items or have them shipped. This allows you to pay for your item(s) immediately and continue to bid on our website, without having to retrieve an item you no longer want. Zipperbuy has the right to resell, remove, store, or dispose of the item(s) you choose to forfeit.

Buyer's Premium
A 15% Buyer's Premium will be added to every purchase.

Sales Tax
Sales tax will be collected at certain locations in compliance with the state laws. Please check the auction details to see if sales tax will be applied for that auction. If you are a tax exempt bidder, please have your Tax Exempt ID entered in your bidder profile. A Tax Exemption Form and further instructions will be emailed to you once your profile is updated.


You must pick up your purchases at the specified auction location during the scheduled pick-up time or choose one of the available alternative pick-up options below. Please refer to your purchase notification for pick-up instructions. Bidders are responsible for bringing their own boxes or packing materials, moving equipment such as dollies, hand carts, pads, and any tools necessary to disassemble and safely remove items. Assistance will not be provided by the Zipperbuy team unless otherwise specified in the auction details. Bidders who are unfamiliar with the requirements of moving or disassembling items should arrange to bring professional movers.

Alternative Pick-up Options

Send a Proxy
If you are unable to attend an auction pick-up, you can send a proxy to the pick-up to retrieve your items for you. Be sure to notify the auction manager in advance that you are sending someone on your behalf. Please send your purchase notification with your proxy to ensure that he collects all of your merchandise. You can use the online checkout to pay for your items in advance; otherwise the person you send is responsible for purchasing your items.

Store Your Item(s)
Some sales will have an option to store your items if you are unable to come on the pickup date. If the storage option is available for an online auction (listed in the Auction Details), your items can be stored up to 8 days after the sale end date. Your items MUST be picked up before the storage end date, which can be found on your invoice and in the Auction Details. The items you choose to store will have a custom fee applied, which can be found in the Lot Details.

Donate/Forfeit Item(s)
You may pay for your items and opt out of claiming them. You are then not responsible for coming to the pick-up.

Glossary of Auction Terms

All underlined terms are linked and further explained on our informative glossary.
If you need more support, please Contact Us.